Our process

fast high-quality efficient transparent sustainable digital executive search

Our digital executive search combines the best of both worlds:
speed and quality.

Startup methodology

We want to make IT recruiting fast, efficient & affordable. As a young tech startup, we therefore rely on lean startup methods and tech. Our self-developed recruiting software CyBird© identifies suitable candidates faster than a single person ever could.

Executive search

Speed without quality is like Yin without Yang. In order to present you only with suitable candidates, our process is based on the supreme discipline of personnel search: Executive search. No wonder, having 20 years of experience in our founder’s DNA.

Five steps to your
perfect match

Briefing: Joint definition of the ideal profile

A precise briefing is the foundation for a successful cooperation. It provides a concise understanding of your company and the vacant position.

Realistic assessment of the placement success
Joint definition of the ideal profile
Hard and soft skills query within the framework of methodical requirements analyses
Analysis of the team and corporate culture using the Company Culture Compass©.

Identification: Automated determination of the candidate pool

Our in-house recruiting software Cybird© identifies candidates on all channels they use. It finds talent that hardly anyone else sees – faster than a human ever could.

Multi-channel search in real time due to our proprietary software Cybird©
Higher response rates due to individual candidate approaches and A/B testing
Expanded candidate pool due to large network and growing database
Analysis of market insights and adaptation to candidate behavior

Qualification: 360° assessment including cultural fit analysis

Within our 3-stage assessment we analyze professional qualifications, potential, motivation and cultural mindset. Strictly methodical and with scientifically recognized procedures – for a high degree of comparability.

Semi-structured candidate interviews for more comparability of the skills set
CAPTain© aptitude diagnostics for analysis of potentials
Analysis of the cultural fit of client and candidate using the Company Culture Compass©.
Analysis of all candidate information and obtaining of references

Presentation: Only suitable candidate profiles are presented

We present candidates to you in an honest and transparent way, using our 360° candidate profiles. In addition to weekly reports, you can also track the search process in our client portal.

Standardized and detailed candidate reports with high comparability
Comprehensive real-time insights into the process through access to the client portal
Frequent jour fix with our recruiters and close support throughout the entire interview process
Fast interview processes & short feedback loops on client and candidate side

Evaluation: Ensuring sustainable staffing

We believe in long-term relationships, whether it’ s our own employees, our partners or their staff. Therefore, we ensure the sustainability of the staffing by our guarantees even after the hiring.

Mentoring of candidates until job entry
Regular measurement of client and candidate satisfaction
Free re-staffing within the first 6 months
Onboarding support upon request

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Can Ulusoy

Co-Founder &
Head of Growth

+ 49 151 4190 6025

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