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Quality & speed through 360° assessment 

Our holistic 360° assessment of hard skills, soft skills and cultural fit 
guarantees you to only receive highly qualified candidate profiles.

Relevant, well-structured and easy to compare.

Soft skills

Whether it’s teamwork, self-reflection or resilience. The significance of key qualifications increases in today’s interconnected working environment. With the CAPTain© competency analysis, we analyze 33 success-relevant behavioral traits that provide precise information about strengths and areas for development. To recognize high-potentials at an early stage and use it in a targeted manner.

Cultural fit

Our Company Culture Compass makes corporate culture measurable. After determining the culture in your company or team, we are able to identify whether you are looking for a cultural fit or a cultural add. By comparing your results with the results of candidates, we can ensure a perfect cultural match. Efficient, tailor-made and innovative, for more diversity and motivation in your company.

Hard skills

By conducting semi-structured interviews with candidates, we can analyze personal qualifications. We thereby ensure increased comparability of the relevant skills set and an excellent candidate experience, which is crucial for the candidates’ willingness to take on a new challenge in your company or team.

Save 92% of your time

Our assessments enable you to focus on interviewing the most suitable candidates, thus saving you valuable time. Through regular feedback and real-time reporting, you have transparent insights behind the scenes of our recruiting process at all times.

Get qualified candidates

1 of 4 candidates
gets hired

To ensure that you only interview suitable candidates, we use our 3-stage assessment to analyze professional qualifications, potential, motivation and cultural mindset.

This has worked so well, that every fourth candidate receives a job offer. To improve the candidate experience even more, we transparently pass the results back to the candidates.

Find qualified candidates

Thanks to their precision, bits&birds' assessments helped us to efficiently compare candidates and quickly reach a decision.

Sascha GartenbachFounder VIA AG

Your benefits at a glance

Qualified candidates only

1 of 4 candidates gets hired

92% time savings per position

Holistic 360° assessment

Great candidate experience

Looking for talents for your company?

Sandra Nachtigall
Sales manager

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