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We are shaping the future of digital recruiting by finding the perfect match between people and businesses.


For the perfect fit of companies and talent, bits&birds offers high-quality and data-driven AI-powered executive search.


With AI-driven recruiting, we want to make companys & people happy and become the coolest recruitment agency in Europe.

What we believe in:
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Meet the team

We are passionate digitalisers, ambitious by nature, addicted to the idea of the “perfect match” and we have a “high performer” attitude. Our team spends every spare minute working on the future of digital recruiting and supports our clients in every project!

Join the team
Founder & Managing Director

Daniel Stojanovic

Unconventional full-blooded entrepreneur & tech autodidact

At bits&birds, Daniel takes on the classic tasks of a CEO and also drives the technical development of our software Cybird©. bits&birds is his third startup: So when it comes to startups, no one can put one over on him.

Founder & Managing Director

Thomas Bockholdt

Pole of calm & basic optimist with an eye for the beautiful things in life

With his confidence-inspiring manner, Thomas is the absolute haven of calm. He is responsible for sales and the various diagnostic tools that are an integral part of our processes. Alongside this, he is Managing Partner of InterSearch Executive Consultants.

Head of Growth & Co-Founder

Can Ulusoy

Business Developer & Aesthetist with flair

Can is part of the founding team and, as Head of Growth, he is involved in all sales and marketing activities. He is responsible for strategically repositioning the company and initiating new, challenging topics. He can do literally anything, and he does it.

Chapter Lead Development

Sarah Mahling

Lovable personality psychologist & judge of character

As Chapter Lead Tech, Sarah is the ideal person for all IT positions. At bits&birds, she is able to put her psychological and IT skills to excellent use. With her open-minded and charming manner, she is a sympathetic communication partner for everyone.

Digital Marketing Managerin

Ilona Potaszkin-Ramić

Passionate interior designer with Yogi mindset

Ilona is responsible for all online marketing activities, from LinkedIn posts to SEA campaigns. She is the first point of contact when creative input is needed or the last detail is missing. On the side, she also runs her own online business: ANÓLIA.


Johannes Bendler

Technology doctor and proud father

As CTO, Johannes is responsible for the development and perfection of our software Cybird©. As a PhD in business informatics and co-founder of a startup, Johannes brings the perfect mix of informatics expertise and startup experience.


Lukas MesselhÀuser

Digital recruiter & people catcher with a sense of sustainability

Flexiganer, cyclist & flower shirt fan – these are three things that describe Lukas. He is an excellent listener, and this quality is appreciated by candidates as well as by all employees. At bits&birds he is responsible for all HR and recruiting topics.

Chapter Lead Digital

Thies Hinderer

A charmer with a great sense of humour

As Chapter Lead Digital, Thies brings his expert knowledge to the search and qualification of top candidates. Especially in the digital field, no one can fool him that quickly. Together with his relaxed manner, he is a really valuable contribution to the entire team.

Chapter Lead Development

Linh Truong

Creative power woman with an animal companion

Linh enriches the Operations team not only with her cheerful and open nature, but also with her passion for HR topics related to IT. Every day, she pushes the entire team with her energetic mentality and actively pushes various projects forward.

Portrait of Holger Hirsch
Head of Operations

Holger Hirsch

Full speed ahead

As captain in the engine room, Holger steers the operations – with a steady hand, no matter how stormy the sea may be. As a father of three children, he is well used to heavy swell. Keeping him off course is a tough job.

Head of Finance

Vincent Friedrichs

Gourmet with a knack for numbers

As Founder’s Associate Finance, Vincent feels most at ease in the world of numbers. With his gentle strictness, he makes sure that financially everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at bits&birds and always has a funny joke on the side. .

Interim Senior Recruiting Specialist

Thorsten Brunsemann

Silverbird with world-saving instinct

With his many years of experience in executive search, Thorsten is a Silverbird among us birdies. He combines technology expertise with wide industry know-how. With his expert knowledge, he supports the entire team.

Senior Business Development Managerin

Sandra Nachtigall

Planet saver & loving dog mum

Sandra is the first point of contact for our clients. With her open nature, she creates a pleasant atmosphere in every digital call and smoothly introduces our clients to our recruiting approach. On the side, she plans unique events for the entire team.

Executive Assistant

Svenja Ruge

Organisational talent meets acting talent

Svenja is the right hand of our Co-Founder Daniel. With her organisational talent, she manages to bring order & structure into his calendar and supports the team in various projects. Her bright personality creates a positive working environment.

Junior Recruiting Specialist

Angelique Behrens

Pottery talent with the heart in the right place

As a career changer, Angelique is entering the world of headhunting as a junior recruiter at bits&birds. She especially appreciates the exchange with candidates and manages to win over every interviewer with her confident and open personality.

Junior Recruiting Specialist

Fenja Hanno

Sporting ace with a penchant for perfectionism

Fenja is characterized above all by her loving and honest nature. When support is needed in the operations team, Fenja is our secret weapon. With her communicative nature, her drive and empathy, she is always well-prepared.

Recruiting Specialist

Katharina Hell

Clever mind with power

Katha is characterized above all by her cool-headed manner. Even when things get crazy in the operations team, she remains calm and sees what’s important. No detail escapes her, and her trained eye helps her to qualify top candidates.

Junior Business Analyst

Louisa Wobig

Surfer Girl with Empathy Superpower

Louisa is our absolute strategy and dashboard queen, who can also write excellent texts. With her PowerPoint skills, she manages to make every presentation unique. At the same time, her determined and bright nature enriches the entire company.

Junior Software Engineer

Tim Baum

Bug finder meets beat maker

Tim is our junior software engineer and coordinates the interface between recruiters and developers. With his detail-oriented nature, no bug slips through his fingers. Chaos is a foreign word for Tim. He approaches every task in a structured and methodical way.

Product Owner

Dejan Simic

Cat lover and support centre No. 1

Dejan is the product owner for our client portal. He always keeps an overview and implements all ideas and suggestions for improvement in a blink of an eye. He coordinates different task packages and makes sure that the implementation runs smoothly.

Junior Expert Finance & Data

Yannick Damci-Pfeiffer

Scotch & Soda Ambassador and Excel Talent

Yannick is part of the Founder’s Associate Team and is primarily responsible for the conceptual development of CyBird© and internal squad teams. With his Excel skills, Yannick conjures up valuable spreadsheets for us to use across teams.

Visiting Associate - Recruiting

Kimberly Horvath

Eintracht Frankfurt fan & sweet tooth

Kimmy is our Frankfurt City Girl and enriches the office in Frankfurt with her open and warm nature. She is an all-rounder and actively supports the Tech Chapter team with her expertise from her business psychology studies.

Visiting Associate - Recruiting

Katharina Bobe

All-rounder with a fast uppercut

As part of our recruiting team, Kathi is particularly responsible for finding the right candidates for our clients. With her friendly and positive attitude, she makes sure that all candidates go through a great customer journey.

Visiting Associate - Recruiting

Matthea Hinderer

Art connoisseur with the van conversion project

As an intern, Matthea supports our recruiting team in a wide variety of projects and finds top candidates for every position, no matter how special or challenging. With her warm nature, she puts a smile on our faces in every meeting.

Recruiting Expert

Johanna Willems

Nature lover

As a recruiting expert, Johanna already has valuable experience from a start-up. She is therefore familiar with the dynamics and knows what is important for fast-growing companies. With her caring nature, she brings balance and composure to the team.

Visiting Associate - Recruiting

Nick Söhngen

Start-up Enthusiast

Nick is also a wonderful addition to the operations team and has been a hands-on mentality since day one. He contributes a valuable asset to all recruiting activities and lends a hand with all issues.

Junior Recruiting Specialist

Davina Trullo

Pasta Lover & Fitness Pro

Davina supports the recruiting team in every possible way. With her authentic and caring nature, she is a real enrichment for the entire team. On top of that, she stands out in our weekly with her moderation skills.

Junior Recruiting Specialist

Natalie Brandis

Globetrotter with exciting stories in her luggage

Natalie is an integral part of the recruiting team with a focus on tech vacancies and is the wonder weapon for any position, no matter how challenging. With her sensitive, curious and authentic nature, she is a real asset to the entire bits&birds team.

Portrait of Rene Sass
Full-Stack Engineer

René Sass

Goal-oriented and reliable code acrobat

René enriches bits&birds as a full-stack developer in developing our web and AI applications. Attention to detail and passion for graphic design make him a valuable bridge between design and code. Thanks to his curiosity and quick grasp, features are implemented with ease.

Portrait of Thorben Riemann
Junior Recruiting Specialist

Thorben Riemann

Recruiter meets future street musician

Thorben supports the recruiting team with his open and relaxed manner and is full of energy for the perfect match. In addition, he lives out bits&birds’ philosophy of mutual support, making him a valuable member of the team.

Portrait of Resul Tuncer
Recruiting Specialist

Resul Tuncer

Can-do mentality meets table soccer talent

Resul adds heart and mind to his work as a Recruiting Specialist. He is appreciated by customers, talents, and our team as an energetic doer and inspires others with his optimism.

Portrait of Christina Fischer
People & Culture Manager

Christina Fischer

Adventurer with a positive mindset

As People & Culture Manager, Christina finds the perfect matches for bits&birds. She pays attention to professional competence as well as cultural fit in order to build a cool and successful team. Being an expert in employer branding, she also strengthens our employer brand externally.

Portrait of Cevin Eichnau
Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Cevin Eichnau

Gaming kid and family father

Cevin is absolutely passionate about being a full-stack developer. He loves to deliver the best possible experience to you as a user while performing as efficiently as possible. When it comes to complex tasks, he always manages to simplify them.

Portrait of Nina Muckel
Product Owner

Nina Muckel

Adventurous surfer with strong quality standards

As a Product Owner, Nina bridges the gap between tech and business. With recruiting experience, she pushes our projects and agile processes forward – remotely from Barcelona. Her time management skills and open-mindedness make her valuable to the team.

Portrait of Elias Andres
Senior Recruiting Specialist

Elias Andres

Empathy meets passion for recruiting

As a Senior Recruiter in the Digital team, Elias is a real people catcher. With his empathetic nature, he captivates both talents and customers and is happy to take on the challenge of finding the needle in the haystack for your business.

Portrait of Herin Kim
Junior Recruiting Specialist

Herin Kim

Explorer with Korean roots

Lively, outgoing and with a strong hands-on mentality, Herin enriches our recruiting team with her desire for new adventures. Her easy-going attitude gives the team a pleasant atmosphere and ensures that every day starts with a smile.

Portrait of Jan Fetchenheuer
Recruiting Specialist

Jan Fetchenheuer

Skilled communicator with a sense of humor

Jan strengthens our team as a competent interlocutor who loves to learn more about talents and customers. His aim: the perfect match! With his long experience in recruiting, he understands and advises our customers very well. In the team, he shines with his communicative skills and always has a smile on his face.

Portrait of Jaqueline Gonçalves Schulien
Recruiting Specialist

Jaqueline Gonçalves Schulien

Recruiting fanatic with persuasive strength

After several years in HR-generalist positions, Jaqueline is now entirely committed to recruiting and supports the team from the Munich office. With her motivation and energy, she succeeds in getting others on board and inspiring them.

Portrait of Johanna Buchholz
Visiting Associate – Recruiting

Johanna Buchholz

Bundle of energy and globetrotter

Johanna is a valuable support for the recruiting team. With her proactive approach, she brings a breath of fresh air into our daily work. Her warm and friendly nature enriches the entire team and puts a smile on our candidates’ faces.

Portrait of Christiane Schweda
Chapter Lead IT

Christiane Schweda

Series junkie & animal lover with expert knowledge

As Chapter Lead, Christiane brings drive to our operations team and ensures that everyone has a great customer journey throughout the process. With her expertise, she finds qualified talents for any position, no matter how challenging.

Portrait of Markus Rosenfelder
Machine Learning Engineer

Markus Rosenfelder

Sports enthusiast and AI expert

As a Machine Learning Engineer, Markus is in charge of bits&birds’ AI. Outside of working on automating routine recruiting tasks in the digital AI era, he enjoys sports and hiking in nature.

Portrait of Mika Dissler
Visiting Associate – Recruiting

Mika Dissler

Allrounder and future quiz master

Mika complements our team with his proactive way of working and his psychological background helps him optimizing existing processes and projects. Thanks to the weekly hosting of quiz formats, he is also an added value for his team on a personal level.

Portrait of Milica Vučinić
Junior Recruiting Specialist

Milica Vučinić

Hobby photographer with a passion for fashion

Milica is a real benefit for our recruiting team in the digital sector. She has found her passion in direct contact with candidates – we, and our customers, and talents can feel that. Although she works from Berlin, she is a valued and reliable team member.